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The WOW Hall  - posted on 6/3/2014

Satori Bob makes their debut at the historic WOW Hall on Saturday, June 14, with a special opening set from 9-10 for the highly acclaimed Garcia Birthday Band.  The WOW Hall has hosted legendary performers through the years ( and Satori Bob is thrilled to be a part of the...

Satori Bob is breaking out  - posted on 4/15/2014

This looks to be a watershed year for Satori Bob. Fresh off our performance at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma in support of Ken Campbell's film Secrets of Augustine (which featured 4 Satori Bob compositions), we are looking at a year full of recording and touring, with label support. More details on that to come. In the meantime, we're gearing up for a...

Springtime !!  - posted on 3/20/2014

It's the first day of spring, 2014, and new opportunities are bursting out.  Satori Bob will be announcing a major new development soon, so stay tuned.  We are going places, and we want to bring you with us.  More details as things become confirmed.


peace to all,



Changes  - posted on 2/3/2014

It is with great gratitude and sorrow that Satori Bob bids farewell to longtime guitarist Russ Wilbanks.  Russ has performed with and been an integral part of the sound of Satori Bob for over four years.  His melodic and harmonic playing were a vital part of the first Satori Bob CD "Strangely Familiar" and our live shows.  Russ is embracing a new life on...

Of Ruts and Roots  - posted on 1/26/2014

"He who is not busy being born is busy dying."  
Bob Dylan said that, and it's one of the operative principles of my life.  Music is dynamic and resists stasis.  Satori Bob is no exception.  2013 was a year of transformation, and like all transformations, there are endings and beginnings.  Noah Kamrat has filled in ably for Jeff Langston who now...

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