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Satori Bob Large Band

New Horizons 

A year ago, I posted a bit of a tease on Facebook promising big news for Satori Bob. One year later, there is big news, but it's not what I envisioned then. I have been in negotiations with a great record label in New York City for quite a while. The deal would have involved recording a new album, touring the northeast U.S., videos, all sorts of things. Since the conversation began, I've been learning a lot about the present state of the music industry. All the old rules are changing and the new order has yet to emerge. Artists have to be very conscious about where they are investing their time and money in this era of shrinking revenues and streaming. Given the major investment of money and energy required, I have been wondering if signing with an East coast label is the smartest thing for Satori Bob to do, financially and creatively.

This past week I officially put the record deal on hold. We have decided to concentrate our efforts on making a great record out here in Eugene, touring the West Coast, releasing videos and singles, essentially making ourselves the recording label. We may even formalize that in the near future. We are initializing plans to create a structured music presence here in Eugene designed to help Satori Bob and other promising artists/bands achieve their goals. We are writing music that will be the score for a documentary film released later this spring. We continue to develop new tunes and are getting ready to go into the studio to record our next album, perhaps even on vinyl as well as CD.  

In the meantime, we are still playing live and striving to get ever better. Everyone in this band is committed and the communal enterprise is really amazing to be a part of. We will be announcing a fund-raising campaign in the not-too-distant future, and we will need your help in getting the word out.

The music industry is not supporting newer acts like they used to, so artists now must work together and help each other, building a sustainable musical community that fosters creativity and originality.  

Radio Heads 

February 16 most of the Satori Bob Large Band piled into the studio at KRVM for a live radio interview/performance.  Last night I got messages telling me that KRVM was playing our music.  The previous incarnation of Satori Bob appeared on KRVM and had two live appearances on KLCC.  KLCC also supported our first band record through consistent airplay.

We're honored that local radio thinks enough of us to play us on their shows, and we're very happy to see local music supported generally.  Here's hoping that the fine folks at both stations continue to support their host communities by supporting musicians and other artists.

The Satori Bob Large Band continues to develop -- we now have 27 original tunes down with more being added.  Come out and see these dedicated musicians at the Granary in Eugene on March 14 and April 11, at the Mt. Pisgah Wildflower Festival on May 15, at Eugene Saturday Market on June 13, 16 Tons on June 19, the Willamalane Concert Series in Dorris Ranch Park Aug 5...we will continue to add dates for festivals and clubs, so keep an eye on our calendar, or join the Mailing List satoribob.com on the home page of satoribob.com

Live Bob 

The Satori Bob Large Band made our re-debut at the Granary last night in downtown Eugene. The crowd was great, dancing and yelling encouragement. The Band is getting tighter even as we get more nuanced and dynamic. All the players are so damn talented and give generously to the songs, something those in attendance pick up on. We are having fun and making great music. Special thanks to Joe Goodwin for being our Sound Tech Extraordinaire last eve.

Especially encouraging was the very positive feedback from folks who have come to see Satori Bob play and evolve since the beginning (you know who you are).  They are getting what the Large Band is doing and are excited about it.  Thanks to everyone who comes out to see us and supports the music.

We'll be back at Granary in March and April. Keep an eye out here at www.satoribob.com for new photos and videos from the Granary (coming soon), and look on the calendar for more up-coming news and dates.

The New Rules 

The old rules don't apply.  I learned a lot in Nashville last fall about the changing nature of the music industry, and it appears that creative and daring strategies are the new rule for having some success in the music business.  Much of it, of course, depends on your goals.  Do you want to be another Sting?  Do you want to support yourself playing music?  How important is it to sign with a record label?  Who is buying your music and seeing your shows and how do you create that interest?

Satori Bob has some interesting options available to us.  I think that the choices we make will say a great deal about what is really important to us.  I think you'll find that expressing the truth within our music and sharing our vision and passion with others is our version of a mission statement.  

For a great overview of the current state of the music business, check out this essay by the great David Byrne (formerly of the Talking Heads) -- 


Satori Bob Large Band 

Change is inevitable, and it's said that our very survival depends on our ability to adapt to change. Satori Bob has been a constantly changing entity, evolving and adapting to its environment for many years.  The Chinese Year of the Sheep/Goat 2015 signifies great things, as, after much preparation and very little soul-searching, we release the Satori Bob Large Band unto the world.  We're not entirely sure what a Sheep/Goat is, but we choose to believe that we will be awash in sweaters and cheese.  As the Large Band exits the barn, we look forward to grazing on the open green pastures of the West Coast music landscape, bleating sweet melodies to all you animals out there.

Yes, and enough of sheep and goats.  We have gathered a bounty of great musicians ready to play great songs all year long.  Our record company beckons, our fundraising journey begins, and a new CD is in the works.  We are ready to tour, and are actively booking.  If you are a promoter or booking agent or just a person with ideas as to where we might play, contact us at satoribob@gmail.com and share your knowledge.  We welcome all support as we move into 2015.


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